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what we're about.

We've had ten years in the industry as a consulting organisation, plus a few more years than that as individual consultants to work out what we stand for. As you move through our site, we hope our passion for learning and development is obvious, and with that, in our hearts and minds we've defined the following:

our vision

"Our vision is for a future where the words ‘workplace training’ or ‘learning and development’ do not evoke feelings of sadness, anger, and dismay."

our mission

"Imaginatively creating effective and affordable learning solutions to cure the world of bland workplace training and adult education."

our values

learn - first and foremost.

play - put yourself in the driver's seat. control your destiny.

laugh - have fun doing it, ask to do it again, convince others it's worth their time.

about aneeta

I'm a learning and development professional with over 15 years’ experience in instructional design, eLearning development and all things L&D.

With a background in communications, I spent my early career working as a facilitator and technical writer in a large corporation whilst completing a Master’s Degree in Literature, majoring in Visual Culture.

In 2012, I founded wordology to offer professional learning solutions to address training needs of all shapes and sizes at an accessible price point.


Over the years, we've supported SME business in niche industries to large corporations and government departments as they help their people get to the next level.


We've done this by fusing tried and tested adult learning principles with future-focused innovative design. I can talk for hours about how we've done this, why we're doing it, and what else we have up our sleeves, so please, get in touch if you'd like to know more. We love talking about us almost as much as we love hearing about you.

No stranger to continuous learning myself, I have spent many years successfully implementing practical solutions aimed at promoting social inclusion and am constantly striving to learn more about how to best help those most marginalised.​​​​​


In addition to this, I work as a freelance community journalist and author, which is challenging due to my fondness for writing titles in lower case. In 2015, I collaborated with my community partner, Rosie’s Place Inc, to publish the book, My Tree and Me, a beautifully illustrated children’s book about recognising the magic that still exists in children even after they have been impacted by trauma. I also serve on the board of a local community organisation which fosters social participation for CALD communities.

Outside of the professional arena, I am a giant nerd with so many fandoms that I can barely keep with the latest news on midichrolians Baby Yoda has or what a certain famous boy witch's step-grandson is up to this year at Magic School. My Mario Kart avatar is always Toad, and his track record is Proudly Mediocre.

I also have chihuahuas. Please know this is very character building.

what people say


"If we could sum up working with Aneeta in one word, it would be Outstanding! Aneeta is dedicated, professional, and creative, and her gift for character development and storytelling helped our team develop a serious game that was played by thousands of team members at one of Australia's largest banks, winning numerous accolades in 2021."


"Aneeta was flexible and very responsiveness to questions and needs during the entire length of the project. With the help of Wordology and the services they provided we were able to produce an eLearning program which allowed us to remain agile and leaders in our market."


“I found that Aneeta’s work exceeded my expectations. She was able to take minimal direction, work autonomously,  and create engaging learning solutions that surpassed my original vision.”

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